New Puppy: A Day in the Life

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Meet Miss Archie!

Going into my last year as a college student, I have finally settled into an apartment in downtown Des Moines. As my roommate and I were moving in we came to one conclusion: nothing makes a place feel more like home than a furry friend!

We decided that we were in a good place to get a dog, and we decided on our little black Labrador Retriever puppy Archie. While she is absolutely adorable, not everything is sunshine and rainbows, and there are a number of things you should consider before getting a pet of your own. We have found that a lot of helpful puppy training tips have been a blessing too, as we continue to work with her and she keeps growing and learning!

With that said, I will walk you through a day in the life of living with our little ball of fur!

Archie’s Schedule

6:00 AM: Wide awake and ready for her day! (Even if her moms are not).

7:00 AM: Breakfast and morning walk around downtown Des Moines!

7:30 AM: Bite the couch, sprint around the apartment. Maybe eat the house plant. Destroy a pillow.

10:00 AM: Being a menace is exhausting stuff. Time for a nap!

2:00 PM: Wake up. Run around the apartment. Destroy meaningful personal belongings.

4:00 PM: Dinner and post-dinner slumber.

6:30 PM: Evening walk through downtown, or any activity that tires her out for the night!

10:00 PM: Bed time! (Hopefully).

While you can easily see how this can be an exhausting schedule, I can promise that she is completely worth it, although I will stress that getting a new puppy is nothing that should be taken lightly.

Archie’s first bath!

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