Mental Health Tips to Follow in Quarantine

If you’re anything like me, quarantine can take a toll on both your mental and physical health. I have always been a person who needs to interact with other people to stay sane. I’ve found that these five mental health tips have really come in handy as we wait out this pandemic and get used to our “new normal.”

Tips for Dealing with Feelings of Anxiety

Personally, my anxiety has been sky high with everything going on in the world around me. Here are some simple tips that I have found to really work!

  • Take a break: This can mean many different things. Some people try yoga or meditation, and I have really gotten into yoga during quarantine. Take some deep breaths. Count to 10, and count to 10 again if needed. I’ve found that it helps to take a step back from your problems and set them aside for a while– easier said than done!
  • Eating well balanced meals: Again, easier said than done. Especially with all the newfound quarantine boredom and maybe even stress. Snacking is ALWAYS okay of course, but try to have at least three balanced meals a day. Don’t skip meals, or don’t let any old, unhealthy eating habits catch up to you (note to self).
  • Make sure that you are getting enough rest: Sleep is important, and so is maintaining a good sleeping pattern! A change in your sleeping pattern can mess up your body’s natural rhythm. A stressed out body needs sleep!
  • Learn what triggers this feeling: Learning what triggers your anxiety can really help you address how you are feeling. I have found that writing in a journal is really helpful in identifying these patterns!

Tips for Dealing with Feelings of Depression

Being isolated and having a lack of stimulation is enough to give anyone feelings of depression. Here are some simple tips that I have found to be helpful in combating these emotions.

  • Taking time out of your day for self care: Even though some days you may just not want to get out of bed, I have found doing one thing for myself in a day can really be helpful. Even if it is just something simple, like getting up to wash my face, it can make me feel a little bit better!
  • Exercise: While anyone who knows me can tell you I am not the world’s greatest athlete by any measure, I can say that any amount of exercise has made me feel better on difficult days. This can be as simple as going on a walk or can be as intense as going through an entire at-home workout.
  • Avoid alcohol: Yes. I’m a college student. But yes, alcohol is a depressant. It can trigger depressive episodes or make existing episodes even worse. If you feel like this could apply to you, I suggest reducing your alcohol consumption!
  • Journaling: Journaling again for the win! Journaling and keeping record of the positives in your life can be really beneficial and have great effects. Here are some tips on how to journal properly so that it can really help you too!

I hope that you find some or any of these tips are helpful, regardless of the times we are in! Please comment or share any tips or tricks that you have found helpful for you!

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